One of the core church goals is to inspire and instruct men to grow in biblical manhood, so our entire church structure can be seen as contributing to the Men’s ministry. However, there are dedicated, men-only opportunities for focused instruction and discussion.

Meeting the last Wednesday of every month, the men of Grace Family Church gather with the Pastor to discuss church business, address biblical topics of manhood, develop meaningful relationships, and exhort each other to grow in biblical manhood.

Although the meetings typically utilize a book or workbook to assist in the studies, it is not essential that you be caught up to attend. We welcome men who desire to learn more about Grace Family Church and the men who have it in their hearts to become better men of God.

Examples of studies covered in the past include Heart of the Problem by Henry Brandt and Kerry L. Skinner and Christian Husband by Bob Lepine.

Through these studies, the Pastor has brought real, healing, inspiring, convicting, and deeply biblical truth to the men at Grace Family Church. When the men in the church are strengthened in this way, nothing in this world can prevent the overflow of strength and leadership into the families and marriages of those who attend.


The women of Grace Family Church meet with the Pastor’s wife on the first Wednesday of each month. Together the women nurture, encourage, come along side and pray for each other to grow in the roles God desires for them.

The forces of our culture are unrelenting in their attack on the biblical role of women in an attempt to redefine what it truly means to be a woman. To resist the pressures of the past and present, the women of Grace Family Church fellowship in life giving relationships to help one another face with biblical composure the pressures of modern-day motherhood and womanhood.

Although the meetings typically utilize a book or workbook to assist in the studies, it is not essential that you be caught up to attend. We welcome women who desire to connect with the women of Grace Family Church and learn more about life in our congregation.

Grace Groups

At GFC we have ongoing small groups to equip the body and foster deeper relationships. Our small group leaders meet regularly for accountability, edification and growth in order that they may lead with the gospel, lead with the Word and the Spirit, and lead with humility. Small groups are not just social gatherings or discussion groups. They are places where the truth of Scripture is applied, and counsel, care and edification is given. Our small groups study together, share together, eat together and pray together.

Leadership Training

Our vision here at GFC is to equip future church leaders to plant churches both here and abroad. Our leadership training emphasis first and foremost is to honor & glorify Christ in our lives, that He might build character in us conforming us to the image of Christ, so that we might be able to teach and model it to others. Through much reading and interaction, this training entails intensive study of church doctrine, developing positions on orthopraxy issues, hands on shepherding skills, discipleship, missions, sermon preparation and preaching skills, formal counseling training and shadowing an elder in all aspects of church life including counseling, hospital visitation, crises and administrative tasks.

What about the Youth?

Grace Family Church has the greatest approach to youth program possible, and there are no better qualified teachers for the kids of our church. They’re called dads! That’s right — Grace Family Church is committed to lifting up fathers as the primary leaders in teaching and training the youth in our church.

Paul’s Instruction to Fathers

Ephesians 6:4 gives a plain instruction to fathers that they are to bring up their children in the training and instruction of the Lord. In a nutshell, Paul is telling dads that it’s their job to teach their kids to act like Christians and think like Christians. We believe that it is best for the youth in our church to be discipled by their own dads.

The task of discipleship can seem daunting, but Grace Family Church strives to equip and train the dads to lead their families in worship. When dads take the lead in teaching the Bible and worshiping God, all family members really begin to flourish. For more information on our ministry to the men of Grace Family Church, feel free to talk to someone in leadership or contact us.

Moses’s Instructions to Parents

Another aspect of our approach to youth ministry is that Grace Family Church does not have a dedicated youth program outside the family. In the Deuteronomy 6:4-9, we find that Moses is passing on God’s command for parents to teach their children about loving the LORD with their heart, mind, and strength. Without a dedicated youth program, parents (and especially dads) tend to become more aware the Scriptural emphasis on the spiritual training of their children. With this renewed responsibility, men have the opportunity to step up and lead courageously.  We think this is a good thing.

Also, we believe that eliminating a separate youth program with a dedicated youth minister reduces the possibility that children will voluntarily give their hearts and minds to an authority (i.e., youth minister) who is outside the authority and influence of their parents. In a sense, the absence of a dedicated youth program forces the church to approach child training through the parents’ authority, instead of around them or in spite of them, the church works with the parents in the lives of their children. Such an approach preserves the integrity of parental influence established by God for family government in addition to reinforcing family identity and family loyalty.

S.M. Davis in his sermon “Winning the Heart of a Rebel” says this about keeping your child’s heart:

“Win the heart of your child early, keep that child’s heart diligently, and if you ever discover that you have lost their heart, retrace your steps and find where you lost it and heal the breech. Whoever has your child’s heart controls their life.”

Strong families make for a strong church. Strong churches make for a strong nation.

In the end, we believe that our youth ministry approach is key to turning the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers.